About us

Kuwait Economic Society (KES) is an independent non-governmental organization, founded in Kuwait in 1970 pursuant to the order issued by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour published in Official Gazette "Al-Kuwait Al-Yawm" issue No. (778) dated 24/5/1970 in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. (5) concerning "Public Societies and Clubs".   KES has no political or sectarian ties; it is a professional and intellectual initiative built on the fundamental premise that the key to sustainable economic development rest on real partnership between civil society, private sector, and policy decision makers, government and parliament. 

KES focuses on promoting economic growth and reform within Kuwait economy , capacity building for its members, promoting small businesses, lobbying for legislation reform, improving transparency and curbing corruption within public institutions and reducing "Wasta" (connections ) in order to provide equal opportunities among citizens, and strengthening its relationship with private and public sectors and international organizations. 

KES Vision 

To play an integral role in economic policy decision making to improve citizens' well being 

KES Mission 

Advocate competitive and transparent economic reform policies, empower a generation of professionals and entrepreneurs, and build informed knowledgeable community 

KES Objective 

  • Capacity building for members to further their participation in economic development 
  • Advice decision makers on economic and financial issues 
  • Promote positive public and cooperate governance practices 
  • Organize economic and financial lectures, symposiums, seminars, forums, and conferences 
  • Undertake and publish economic, financial and public policy research focused on MENA region in general, and Kuwait in particular 
  • Initiate community development and awareness programs 
  • Promote networking and co-operative relationship and ties among members. 
  • Foster co-operation with NGOs, private, public, regional and international organizations and associations to realize KES vision and mission.